Bilderberg – Special!


dagospia-monti-gruber-200592What an amazing weekend and a BIG victory for the light! 🙂

The cat is now out of the bag, and it is not going back in! This is part of the TRUTH vibrations, the unstoppable force!

Now the papers have FINALLY started to wake up to the TRUTH, hopefully the people will not be far behind…

The media and politicians are finally starting to ask hard questions and demanding answers, trust me, this is only beginning, the unraveling is only just beginning, cant wait to see the fallout from this! 🙂 It is like a loose thread has been picked from a woolly jumper and now it will continue to unravel until all of the dark secrets are revealed and we can finally hold them accountable for their crimes against humanity.

We can then finally remove them from power and begin building the new world, which is based on trust, love, unity & peace, no more wars, suffering, famine or poverty, the Promised Land is almost upon us but please do your part and spread the word and share far and wide, many thanks.

The TRUTH will continue to be exposed like with everything we see in the news with all the skeletons coming out of the closet such as the dodgy political dealing, banking, horse meat scandal, Jimmy Savile & the BBC (British BS Channel), the list goes on and on…

The latest is the GCHQ and NASA spying on us all, which we already knew but it is good to see how it is now coming to the light of the public more, and this was even on the BBC, so that is a very good sign! 😉

The-Bilderberg-Group-ArtAnd trust me the BIGGEST stuff is still to come, we are starting to get closer now with Bilderberg finally being out int he open, it has been going since 1954 but up to now it has been denied it even existed!

They lied about this, they lied about Nibiru (the 12th planet which returned to our Solar System last year, I may blog about this in future…), plus so much, you have to ask yourselves, what ELSE have they lied about? Well pretty much EVERYTHING!

Because Politicians have never lied have they? People think the propaganda used during war times ended then, the truth is it never stopped, and is still used to brainwash people and condition society, again I will speak more on this in future…




bilderberg-group-runs-america1You all HAVE to watch this! Soooo funny, the BBC (British BS Channel) has finally had to cave in and cover Bilderberg, but try to make it sound like a joke, but this is no joke, the TRUTH is coming out FINALLY and NOTHING on this earth can stop this unstoppable force, the TRUTH ALWAYS comes out in the end…

The Globalists control the media including the BBC and CNN but their control is slipping fast, this is why you are now seeing TRUTH leaking through into the mainstream media including what is going on inside Syria. They have been forced to cover Bilderberg due to every other major media outlet covering it (they cannot control them all like they use to be able to!).

WP_20130608_024Unfortunately due to the Police not letting us all in, we had to wait outside so we missed most of it but luckily David Icke came out and spoke to us as you can see above. They closed the gates even though there was plenty of room for us to all get in but they did not want too many of us in the field since they know there is power in numbers. But I still managed to send plenty of Love & Light to all the Police and to our beloved friends in the hotel. You see you do not fight fire with fire, you fight it with water, you send love since love conquerors all. If you get angry then they have won, you are giving them what they want and an excuse to make up more b/s laws giving them yet more power whilst taking away even more of what is left of our liberty and freedom.

WP_20130608_034It was hard to get a photo with Alex Jones since by the time we got in there, he was swarmed by so many people so the best shots I got you can see above. But I did at least get to shake his hand and thank him for doing such a great job along with David Icke! 😉

Managed to also network with more fellow truth seekers and made some important new contacts to try and help get the projects moving forward as detailed in the About & Projects section.

downloadCan people please go there and do all they can to promote these projects and to try and find funding for them so we can start helping to bring change and liberty to the people sooner rather than later… many thanks. 🙂

Look’s like US the tax payers are going to pick up the bill of the 2 million pound bill for all the security, fence, no fly zone, etc for something that was first denied, and then later said it was a casual chat over a cup of tea and some golf.

So why all the security? And why would the most powerful and richest people in the world including politicians with very busy schedules take 4 days out for a casual chat and some gold?!

Hmmmm, something does not add up here!





Sorry folks, blame the cameraman, he’s got to learn how to hold it the right way! 😉
But I have rotated one of them so you can see the whole thing the right way round using a combination of the 2 vids! 🙂





TONS more videos and information can be found on the awesome site but this makes a good start:

I just would like to end by saying how much respect, love & gratitude I have to David Icke and Alex Jones for what they have been doing, what they are still doing and what they have achieved… 😉



The Messenger.

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I am a Messenger from let's say a very high Source and I am your friend, I am here along with many more to bring PEACE, LOVE, JOY, HAPPINESS, UNITY, FREEDOM and abundance for all of mankind... it is OUR time NOW, the time is NOW! Please see the About section for more info...
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6 Responses to Bilderberg – Special!

  1. Xander says:

    So awesome you made it there and got some awesome pic of the two giants Alex and David.

    Really wish I could have gone but had to look after my little boy!

    I hope that after this weekend of exposure people will start waking up and taking action against the tyrants!

    • The Messenger says:

      Yeah thanks brah, much appreciated! 🙂

      Yeah I hope so too, its only a matter of time now, people are starting to wake up, they were really surprised just how many are now awake, all is now proceeding as planned… 🙂

      Much love & blessings,
      The Messenger. 😉

  2. Nitro Focus says:

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