Dealing with difficult people or situations

images (2)If you are in a difficult situation or dealing with a difficult person you don’t fight fire with fire, you fight it with water.

The best thing to do is send them LOVE from your hearts through intention, I know it is the opposite to what we are used to but it really works, I have seen it work time and time again.

Ground yourself and come back to your centre and put your attention inward and focus on your breathe. Again in time, this will become easier and easier, as with everything it takes practice but eventually it will become 2nd nature. Actions harden into habits and habits harden into personality.

765769473_1036474You simply move your attention down to your heart, feel the warmth and heat of it and then from there picture the person or situation you wish to resolve and say to yourself “I send love & light to X NOW”. where x is the person/place. As you say this to yourself really feel the love in your heart and then pump/project the love from your heart to that person/place. In practice you will get the hang of it. If you need any more advice or tips on this then I would be happy to help, simply Contact Me.

91fc1809You can do this from any place, you do not need to be near that person or place for it to work. I have seen it turn situations round in an instant. You can also do it if you are in a difficult confrontation with that person. Remember to breathe, step back and pause and do not react and add more negative energy to the situation since that will only make it worst like pouring petrol on a fire, everyone gets burnt and no one wins.

771269fd-ce70-4d47-88f0-d324c1332ec3.large-profileI hope you all found this useful and will come in handy one day…

Much love,

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