Love, Light & The Changes are Everywhere…


It has been sometime since I posted new photos I have been taking of adverts showing the love and light getting stronger on a dialy basis.

I still keep seeing this Light Show one around and the last time I featured this I did not mention why I took this, hopefully you can see why? Well, it is simply The Light Show that is unfolding now, the show of light as the light slowly but surely returns to the planet after the planet has been cloacked in darkness for a very long time.

Here is part of the light show: 🙂


Trust me, there are load more than that one but like I have said they are all on our side so you have nothing to worry about, they are the Galatic Federation of Light I mentioned earlier (Sirians, Pladeians plus many more on the side of the light). this is all planned, they will continue to make more and more apperances until eventually we have disclosure, they will then all uncloak and that will be a big shock for a lot of people if they are not ready for it so I am officially warning everyone now, so be prepared, nothing to worry about, just may scare some people, and you need to reassure them that everything is well and they are here to help. Send people my way, I will be happy to answer any questions for people.

I see changes happening all around me and everywhere, here are some I have cataloged…

Here are the latests pictures:


WP_20130301_052 To the left: LOVE Is Everywhere… and below Fear is a funny old thing so basically turning fear into commedy and laughter a bit like the Scary Movies films which I am a big fan off! 🙂

Which reminds me, you should avoid horror movies since that creates fear and that lowers your vibration, which I will cover later…


Below: “When can we go home?” This is also talking about going home, returning to The Source as covered in previous posts and as mentioned in the awesome Pendulm tune: Propane Nightmares.

WP_20130307_001 WP_20130307_002

Below, have you seen the Peru adverts? Well you can guess why there are adverts for Peru? Because that is a very spiritual and high energy place and is where the main portal to the rest of the Galaxy is located.

It is also where this Stargate/Portal is located:


WP_20130312_001 WP_20130313_002

Good vibrations – Remember everything is vibration, energy moves to vibration, its that simple so good vibrations meaning having a good time which rises your vibraion like when you are happy and positive too, so its a good idea to always try to get your vibration as high as possible. Remember the Law of Attraction, if your vibration is low you will attract more of that into your life, so make sure you keep your vibration as high as possible. 🙂

This is why I said you should avoid Horror Movies, I no longer watch them anymore, especially after The Ring, that really messed me up for a long time, I have too much of a vivid imagination, and just after I was getting after the first one, the 2nd one came out and I don’t know why but I went to see it anyway! Doh! Big mistake! Plus didn’t help with my mates playing a prank on me leaving that scary voice mail saying “7 Days”.

But anyway, don’t really want to go back there!

Our yoga may help: 🙂





More hearts and LOVE everywhere…

I have tons more to upload, but they will follow in future posts so watch this space…


And remember to tell all your friends and famalies about this blog and spread the message far and wide, much appreciation and blessings to you all! 🙂 xxxxx

The Messenger.



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