The TRUTH About The Saying “Mind Of Matter”

It is true, our thoughts are more powerful than we can imagine since our thoughts create our reality so this old saying is literally true, we can change matter with our minds and thoughts. This has now been proved with Science too.

Such as the effect known as  The Observer effect:

This is basically the action of observing something during an experiment actually changes it. There have also been experiments where thoughts actually change what Scientists use to think was a simple random generator. They could in fact influence the random numbers being generated as seen in this video:


Also, people have been healed literally from thoughts and intentions. There have been cases where a tumour’s, cancers, etc were removed simply from thoughts and intention. Check out this video by Greg Branden that shows one such case:

He also shows how through intention they manage to stop fighting in a specific area when the intention and thoughts reach a critical mass they actually change the reality in that area, since as previously covered we are ALL connected as ONE so we all affect the world and reality around us with out thoughts and emotions.




Check out how words, music and intent can physically change the molecules of water. Remember how you are 90% water imagine what happens to our molecules when we get angry or are negative say compared to postive and loving? Makes you think about it doesn’t it? So next time when you are in a difficult situtation try and remember this and remember how you are in control of the physical matter that makes up your body and you are in control of your emotions and not the other way round.

There is TONS more evidence out there on this…

I will cover these in more detail in future and these will also be part of the new ScienceMeetsSpirituality blog we will be creating soon…

The force is with you, always…

The Messenger.

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