wallpaper_0004I don’t really have time to play games these days as you can imagine with so many projects on the go at the moment on top of my 14 hour contracting job in London as an Arhcitect I don’t get much time to eat and sleep let alone anything else! 🙂

But I hope one day I will get time, saving them all for my retirement, much better than brain training, play REAL proper games which will be much better for your brain! 🙂

wallpaper_0001But anyway, I digress, I had a chance recently just to install a game called Freelancer, quite a old game that my mates have been playing for sometime but once again surprise surprise I haven’t had time to.

But when I watched the into I knew what it was really talking about, let me break it down for y’all…

It is the Alliance vs The Coilation, the Alliance are the same Rebel Alliance I covered in the Star Wars blog in that it is the Galatic Federation of Light who had an alliance between the Sirians and the Pladeians.

wallpaper_0005The Coilation are the reptilians but also know as the  lizzies. This is why in the intro it says the Coiation manage to take control and get the upper hand (shows Earth, Mars and Jupter in intro) and this is actually correct and what happened.

It also stated the Allieance fled to the Sirius star system where of course the Sirians are from. Which reminds me, have you all the seen the awesome Sirius film? If not, you should check it out here:

There will also be a screening at the BAFTA in London on 25th July @ 7:30pm, which I will be personally going so feel free to join me there! 🙂

Also on the Uniform there is a snake like symbol, which is an actual real symbol relating to the true history of Earth.

Please help spread far and wide and post on all gaming sites and forums for the TRUE meaning behind Freelancer.

When I actually get time to play games again, I’ll be able to play it through and then doing a 2nd part to this with more meanings I am bound to find…

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