They have finally worked out co-operation is what helps us survive


They have finally worked out that evolution favours co-operation, which is obvious really.

Glad their finally start to catch up and wake up to the TRUTH! 🙂

We need to work together if we are to survive as a race. Imagine instead of wasting energy, money & time fighting each other in a so called dog eat dog world,  if we pooled all of our resources, strngths and gifts together and worked as ONE for the greater good of all, just imagine what we could all accomplish together? We would transform the world in an instant, and would finally bring an end to all suffering, poverty,famine and war and bring lasting peace & abundance for all…

LOGO-Card2This is what NextGen Software Ltd is all about since after all the slogan is “Co-creating a better world for tomorrow”.

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Everyone is invited

We are offering FREE training for EVERYONE from all walks of life and do not need any previous experience or qualifications. The course is to learn how to make apps, games, websites, etc which will in turn help even more people since these are geared around educating people about mindfulness, meditation, etc but are fun to play and are aimed at kids and the whole family. We want to help the unemployed, homeless, people with little or no job prospects, kids on the streets, etc. This will in turn make communities safer, reduce crime, reduce unemployment, help the economy and reduce the skilled labour shortage in this country.


We believe in YOU

All anyone needs is understanding, love, acceptance and for someone to believe in them. We are that somebody, we want to help the people that the world has turned their back on, this includes the homeless, unemployed,  disabled, people with little or no job prospects, etc. I mean EVERYONE. We want to help people who no longer believe in themselves, we are here to tell them that we believe in them and in time we will help them believe in themselves again. We are here to tell them to forget what society says you can or cannot do, for you can do whatever you want to, you can follow your heart and achieve your dreams.


Empower YOU to release YOUR creativity & imagination

We actively encourage their creativity and imagination and empower them to be their own boss and to come up with their own original ideas as well as improving on existing ones. We will even give them the opportunity to work on their own projects that can help people. We want to give them free reign to work on or create whatever they like or heart desires.


Find YOUR Gift for the world

We believe everyone has a gift to share with the world and we want to help find it and hone it further so they can be the best they possibly can be without any limitations, the sky really is the limit! 🙂


Release your FULL potential without any limitation

In fact there are no limits, only infinite possibilities! If they can think or dream of it, then we can help them make it into a reality.  We want to help people reach their full potential and become the best possible person they can be.


Real world commercial experience

We will offer them real world commercial experience working on real world bleeding edge projects. Most of our projects are light years ahead of everyone else, you can be part of our crack elite team developing them…


Make a REAL difference in the world

This way their time is used more effectively and only used to make real projects come alive, projects that can help people and make a difference to the world. Rather than being wasted on boring dull exercises and demo projects that never get to the see the light of day, this way they feel more productive and feel they really are contributing something and really are making a difference, even whilst training!


Live a happy and fulfilling life for you and your family

We want to enable them all and their families to live very happy and fulfilling lives, sometimes dreams really do come true.

They will also get to work on bleeding edge technology which is not mainstream yet such as our NextGen Real-time Emotional Feedback System (NGREFS) plus so much more…


Essential Trend Setting Development Skills – Be The Future…

The course teaches the essential programming skills required in today’s digital age. It is a well known fact that schools and educational establishments often lack way behind the current trends and standards,  leaving graduates still unemployable because employers know they lack the real world experience that they seek. They also want them up to speed with the latest trends and standards so they can hit the ground running. This applies even more so in one of the fastest evolving industries in the IT sector.

This is where NextGen Software & NextGen Academy comes in because we not only keep up to speed with the latest technology, trends and standards, we are often the ones who create them through our constant super creativity, innovation and ingenuity. We are not called NextGen for nothing you know! 😉


Essential Healthy Well Beings Skills (Mindfulness, meditation, yoga, nutrition, exercise, etc)

The course also contains mindfulness, meditation, yoga, nutrition, exercise and healthy living which are all a compulsory part of the course and for when they work with us (we prefer with rather than for) once they have completed the training. The course also teaches the importance of looking after the environment so we leave a planet for our kids and grandkids to grow up in. We hope to get this into every school, college, job centre, back to work scheme and charities, etc. For example The Salvation Army are currently offering a new Awaken course to help get people back to work, we want to team up with them to offer our training too.


Working WITH NextGen Software – Essential Healthy Well Being Skills Increase Creativity, Performance & Life Expectancy

We hope to encourage all employees of NextGen to practice yoga and meditation daily as part of their daily work schedule, thus reinforcing creativity and optimum performance. We do not want stressed or overworked employees, that does not help anyone and that is when mistakes start to happen and performance will degrade. We are a strong believer in that if you look after your employees they will look after you. If they start to get stressed they can have a ten minute time-out to do some yoga or meditation in our yoga studio downstairs.


Freedom to express, create and just be yourself

We do not believe in rigid work patterns, they can pick the hours to fit their needs. They get to choose what they want to work on or they can even come up with their own original ideas and get an opportunity to work on them. In time, we hope to become one of the best empowers out there and will foresee us winning rewards for this, which in turn will also help further with our marketing and PR. The training course will in itself attract a lot of attention and will help market itself. I can foresee us being interviewed and asked why we are offering something so amazing for free, and we will say because it is not always about the money, it is about helping people.


Secret to our success is LOVE

When we are asked what the secret to our success is, we will respond with one word: “Love“. “If everyone started to focus more on this and in helping people then the world would be a much better place and all problems would disappear overnight, we hope to be a template for how businesses should be run, we will lead the way of how things will be done from now onwards…”


We are the template for the future…

In the future we plan to also use state of the art training techniques using the latest R&D hardware where we can tailor the course to suit the individual.

We intend to be the template for how all future software  houses, training companies and businesses as a whole should operate. We will be writing books on Mindful Programming, Mindful Business, Mindful Marketing, Mindful Sales, etc. Where helping people is the focus over profit margins and destroying peoples life’s and the planet for selfish greed, which will only destroy all of us in the end. We want there to be a planet for our kids and grandkids to grow up in…


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