Big Brother Is Watching You Through Your TV!

Greetings Friends,

As you may already be aware by now, Big Brother is watching you through your “smart” TV’s. But now the new models do not even need a camera so you can not cover it up since it uses the actual screen itself to watch you, just like the telescreens in the amazing George Orwell 1984 Sci-Fi Novel, which as we have said many times before, is not actually fiction, Sci-Fi is just a preview of the future, and should be called Sci-Preview!


More and more ever day, what George envisioned in his masterpiece comes to pass and we are not very far from the distopia nightmare envisioned in his book.

This is why it is vital people wake up to the TRUTH NOW, please do your part by spreading the TRUTH far and wide… thank you! 🙂

They even now admit it and opening advertise the fact as can be seen in a recent game in the states below:

Exclusive: ESPN Admits to Watching YOU Through Your TV


The Thought Police will not be far behind…

Much love & blessings,

The Messenger.

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