Mark Taylor Bible Prophecies

Greetings Friends,

Please make sure you check out the Mark Taylor prophecies here:

I have posted about these earlier and all have come true so far, back in 2011 he had word from God that Trump was going to be president and that he had been chosen by God.

Trump is in fact an incarnation of St Germain as confirmed by St Germain, Archangel Michael, The Galactic Federation, Ashtar command and other channels…

Plus if you do enough research as you can see in some of my posts below, all the evidence points to the same simple truth.

BUT the world has all fallen under the hypnotic spell of the dark ones, even the army of god and light workers who should know better than to trust the mainstream media and not to be a sheep and follow society. you are here to wake people up, not to go back to sleep yourselves!

So please get informed, read all of these, feel into your heart what is true and do your own independent research to discover the TRUTH for yourself…




Much love & blessings as always,

The Messenger. xxxxxxxxxxxx

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