Trump to hold violence video game meeting

Greetings Friends,

Its about time the world is finally starting to take the violence in games seriously!

They keep claiming it doesn’t cause violence but wisdom and intuition tells us otherwise. It DOES effect us ALL even if it is not apparent at the time, it is conditioning us and desensitising us to violence. It programs our sub-conscious and it may now become apparent for years later.

Do you think it is that a 4 year old its playing violent video games such as Call of Duty? With games becoming more and more realistic and with the event of Virtual Reality the line between reality and game is only going to blur even more. Kids and some people already cannot tell the difference between a game and reality, this is only going to get worst…

It is not just video games that are to blame, it is the entire society where violence and war is glorified and can be seen in films, TV, books, everywhere.

It is time we leave war and violence in the past where they belong…

We will have a lot less violence, crime, gun crime, schools being shot up etc such as the recent shooting in Florida.

This is one off the many issues that Our World tackles where it seeks to teach people the right life lessons on how to build a better more peaceful society and world where we can all live in harmony with each other and our beautiful planet…

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