CES 2017: Faraday Future unveils super fast electric car

Greetings Friends,

Life just keeps getting better and better. Progress is being made everywhere you look.

As I keep saying do not get drawn into the negativity that the mainstream media likes to portray. If you look for it, you will find many positive things EVEN in the mainstream media and that is a very positive sign of progress.

The TRUTH is coming out everywhere regarding corruption of politicians, bankers, corporations, the media etc.

Remember that the mainstream media and government’s are controlled by the elite and the greedy powerful corporations. But more and more people are starting to wake up to this fact, humanity is awakening and it is accelerating day by day…

Aleppo has been liberated in Syria, Mosul will be liberated soon, Raqqa will follow after and is also in progress… this is all very good news.

Turkey has woken up and switched to the winning side with Russia, Iran, Syria & Iraq. They realized that the Saudi/US/UK/France plan to overthrow Assad has failed after Russia intervened. Remember there are no rebels, only terrorists funded and trained by outside powers such as the CIA, Jordan & Saudi.

The energies being sent to Earth are also increasing daily to assist with humanities awakening, this is why more and more TRUTH is coming to the surface and the elite can no longer lie and get away with what they use to. They keep trying the same old tactics but they no longer work. Both Brexit & Trump are a good thing, Brexit is the beginning of the end of the EU, which is also a good thing. EU was the beginning of the NWO (New World Order) where the elite wanted global tyranny with one government, one military and one religion all controlled through their powerful evil corporations. This can no longer happen with Britain leaving the EU. Others will soon follow because the people are fed up being controlled and dictated to by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, who’s policies have nothing to do with what is good for the people, only to do with consolidating more central power for themselves and finally people are waking up to this fact…

We need true unity of independent sovereign nations where their values, culture, etc are valued and respected and not simply turned into another state of one big global super state which is tyranny masked as unity (EU).

Power is finally returning to the people. People have far more power than they realize, look at the most recent news just today that the Republicans have held an emergency meeting and reversed a secret deal they made to reduce the powers of the regulatory body which deals with corruption within the Senate and Congress.

There was public uproar with the most Googled term being “Who is my representative”, they were scared they could be voted out for betraying the people and so they should. It goes to show just how much power the people have, you just have to claim it!

Also in the news today (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-38503987) was another startup (Faraday Future) making electric cars, showing they are becoming more and more popular. It stated that by 2020 1 in 10 cars will either be electric or hybrid, this will help the environment a lot and this will only continue to accelerate. More and more renewable energy sources are being invented and built. A LOT has already been done but was covered up and suppressed but now due to the elite losing more and more of their grip on humanity on a daily basis they can no longer hold back the truth and humanities awakening.

Trump getting into power is a good thing because that is much better than Clinton getting in who would have started WW3 and that is no exaggeration! She is one of the top global elites and known as their Princess of Darkness. She would have started a war with Russia and that would have ended very badly for everyone. Trump will make peace with Russia and this is a GOOD thing, it’s a joke if people honestly believe that being enemies with Russia is a good thing! We have a lot to be grateful to Putin for, again as a general rule of thumb, the truth is the opposite to what the mainstream media try’s to portray and brainwash the masses with. So yes Russia are the GOOD guys! And no they did not hack the elections, this is more mis-information to try and turn people against Russia. They are very bitter about them saving the Syrian people and defeating their terrorist armies in the Middle East. Again, the same with the drug testing for the Olympics, more fabrication to turn you against Russia.

Brexit & Trump both show that people are fed up being lied to, manipulated and controlled and are taking back their power, this is a very GOOD thing and is why the mainstream media keeps trying to make them both sound bad when it is in fact quite the opposite!

Also, Trump just like Obama and Putin are Lightworkers who are simply playing their role as best they can. Unfortunately, Obama has been forced to do a lot of things he does not want to do hence why he has aged so quickly in office. His family is always being threatened and would end up like JFK if he went against the Elite’s orders. Yes the CIA assassinated JFK if you did not already know, because he was also a lightworker and was about to blow the whole lid on what was really going on and they could not allow that to happen.

Trump’s role is also to help bring to the surface all the negative feelings and programming’s that needs to be released, cleared and healed (this includes racism and divisions, etc). Last year was about bringing everything to the surface both globally for humanity and individually for each person, this is why last year was such a tough year. This year is about clearing, healing and transmuting this.

This is why it is important everyday you say out loud “I now invoke the Sacred Violet Flame to transmute all back into love & light across all my bodies, across all dimensions and I ask for assistant with this. I now extend this flame around all of beautiful Earth and her beautiful inhabitants. And so it is.”

I could talk at length on all of these subjects but this is just meant to be a brief summary of how well everything is going and how everything is proceeding as planned…

Any questions, please feel free to ask!

Life is amazing, stay positive and say positive affirmations every day such as “Life just keeps getting better and better.”, “Life is easy and fun”, “I am successful at everything I do”, “I am abundant in every way”. Our thoughts create our reality, positive attracts more positive into our life’s and of course negative attracts more negative, hence the saying “Like attracts like”. This is also where the saying “Mind over matter” comes from.

Much love & blessings,
The Messenger xxxxxx

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