The NextGen Network

We have BIG plans for a whole new social network that will make the likes of FaceBook & Twitter look like pocket calculators by comparison!

Do you want a network that is super secure and actually protects your private & personal data? It doesn’t even store any personal data about you, well no more than absolutely necessary. Messaging is so secure that even we cannot see any messages even if we wanted to, which we never would. The messages are not even archived or stored on our servers meaning there would be nothing to hack and steal or anything to give to over paranoid and overzealous Government agencies such as the NSA & GCHQ under the Prism project as recently in the news:

Our servers and network would be using military grade encryption and security working on multiple levels. It will even use the Tor network to mask the source and destination of any messages. We pride ourselves on providing the world’s most secure social network.

But there’s more…

The network is so much more than just another social network, it
encourages people to come together to help each other for the greater good of all. To promote making the most of the best things in life which are free, this includes local parks, rivers, woodland, etc. It is all about helping people to slow down and find balance in their life’s enabling them to live healthier, longer, happier & fulfilling life’s…

This is just scratching the surface of what this network will provide…

It will be the prequel to our flagship product Our World, the game that will change the world. More on this will be revealed later…

What We Need & What You Get

We need funding to build this network to help people worldwide have secure and private access to their network of friends and family as well as provide secure messaging and many new advanced features not done anywhere else!

By supporting us you will get FREE access to all of the advanced features of this network as well as being add free!

Not For Profit, but for Love, Peace & Helping To Make The World A Better Place…

As with ALL NextGen Software Projects, this is NOT for profit, but instead for helping making peoples life’s better and in doing so making the world a better place. All profits go back into the business to expand to enable us to help even more people as well as heal the planet and environment. The rest goes to charities and other worthwhile causes, which are aligned with helping us make the world a better place together…


Please help make this a reality by donating on the page below:

Please also help spread the word and get as many people you know to donate to make this happen ASAP…. many thanks!

Other Ways YOU Can Help

If you can’t afford to contribute, then that’s fine, you can still help by getting the word out there!

Please make sure you LIKE our page and spread the word and get as many of your friends and family to LIKE it too, many thanks & much appreciated!

Every reward below above £100 will automatically get your name added to the credits for the network which will be seen by billions…

Another innovative idea proudly brought to you by NextGen Software Ltd.

Stay tuned for many more apps & games to come soon that will change and help make the world a better place…


Much love & blessings,
The Messenger xxxxxx

About dellams

I am a Messenger from let's say a very high Source and I am your friend, I am here along with many more to bring PEACE, LOVE, JOY, HAPPINESS, UNITY, FREEDOM and abundance for all of mankind... it is OUR time NOW, the time is NOW! Please see the About section for more info...
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