Federation of Light Update ~ Excitement Building for The ‘EVENT’

Not long till everything changes… 😉

When the event comes there may be a blackout for a few days but do not worry, all is well. You will all feel overwhelming love for everything and everyone so you will not be concerned with this. When it is about to occur all flights will be grounded and there will be electrical problems has an early warning.

It may feel like you about to have a heart attack but do not worry, that is just your heart opening fully ready to receive the biggest love and energy god had ever sent to mankind….

Afterwards life will never be the same again… We will be on the Golden Age and the New Earth.

This event is likely to occur by the end of the year, possibly early next year…

Time for everyone to wake up to the truth… if they are not awake by the event. They will be afterwards… 😉

Much love & blessings,
The Messenger xxxxxx

About dellams

I am a Messenger from let's say a very high Source and I am your friend, I am here along with many more to bring PEACE, LOVE, JOY, HAPPINESS, UNITY, FREEDOM and abundance for all of mankind... it is OUR time NOW, the time is NOW! Please see the About section for more info...
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