ADHD : ‘ It’s My Superpower’

Wow finally the truth is getting out! 😁😎🙏

YES ADHD, autism etc is a super power! 😁😎🙏

What i have been saying for years! 😁😎🙏

ADHD = Attention Dialed into Higher Dimensions. 😁😁😎🙏

Why do you think they said they have so many ideas and super creativity? 😉

We are normally super gifted with computers too like I am.

This is why once I have helped them with yoga, meditation & mindfulness we offer them free training and jobs making apps and games to make the world a better place… 😉😁😎🙏

You do not need medication! That only makes you worst, trust me, I talk from experience! 😉 The best thing you can do is get off all the drugs, start doing daily yoga, meditation, mindfulnes, get out into nature as much as possible, avoid sugar and caffeine and eat a healthy diet such as vegan and organic veg etc…

Your be feeling a LOT better! Trust me! 😉 Its the same as everyone but we are just more sensitive so we notice the difference more…




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Much love & blessings,
The Messenger xxxxxx

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I am a Messenger from let's say a very high Source and I am your friend, I am here along with many more to bring PEACE, LOVE, JOY, HAPPINESS, UNITY, FREEDOM and abundance for all of mankind... it is OUR time NOW, the time is NOW! Please see the About section for more info...
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