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April 5th 2019

Dear Friends and Supporters

Another Week of Brexit Turmoil!

It has been another tumultuous week for Brexit. The prospect of May’s Deal passing next week remains low. The chance of a No Deal WTO Brexit has risen considerably according to every poll, and this is even being admitted by top EU officials and the Head of the Bank of England, Mark Carney.

Today we have written to loyal Brexit MPs who have been fighting against the Withdrawal Agreement to encourage them to keep up the good fight, and continue to support No Deal on WTO terms – as we do with 90 other countries around the world.

Last Friday, Leave voters took to Parliament Square to show the nation how we feel about Brexit and the abject failure of the House of Commons to deliver the Brexit we voted for and were promised. It was a wonderful spectacle, which showed our true and undying commitment to Leaving the EU. Thank you to all of you who came along too. If only our politicians showed the same resolve!

The week began with a series of ‘Indicative Votes’ to gauge the feeling of the House of Commons to the various Brexit options. Four options were presented, all of which were defeated, highlighting the Commons’ inability to decide on what type of Brexit it wants. The results are as follows.

Amendment C) Customs Union (Ken Clarke) AYES: 273 NOES: 276

Amendment D) “Common Market 2.0” (Nick Boles) AYES: 261 NOES: 282

Amendment E) Second Referendum (Peter Kyle) AYES: 280 NOES: 292

Amendment G) Revoke Article 50 (Joanna Cherry) AYES: 191 NOES: 292

This shows the divergence between MPs and the will of the Great British Public. The ‘Indicative Vote’ process has been an extraordinary waste of time, which has resulted in further frustrations in the Brexit process.

After a daylong Cabinet meeting on Tuesday this week, the Prime Minister opted to enter into talks with Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn – to try and find “common ground” on her Deal if and when it returns to the House of Commons for a 4th vote! As a result, the Conservative Party has descended into civil war, with prevalent reports of many Conservatives cutting up their membership cards, and refusing to renew their membership. These protestations are well justified. Labour has agitated for a Second Referendum, a Customs Union and a soft Brexit – all despite none of this being in their Party manifesto at the last election, and none of this would deliver on the result of the 2016 Referendum.

Theresa May is attempting to sell out the European Research Group (the ERG) led by Jacob Rees-Mogg, the DUP and a proper Brexit – trying to push for a Soft Brexit and Labour votes to ensure her Deal passes in the Commons. She listens to no one – apart from Remainers in her Cabinet, like her de facto deputy, David Lidington and the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, who is now openly calling for a Second Referendum, despite Cabinet Collective Responsibility, even though it is not Government Policy. She is still constantly being misled by her toxic Remain Civil Servants, like the arch Remaniac Olly Robbins.

Theresa May is blantantly betraying Brexit, her Party and the Nation to hang onto power!

The PM, her Chancellor and Olly Robbins have been the root cause of Brexit’s failure so far. No Deal WTO rules preparations are well developed, but this is with no help from the Chancellor, who has sought to restrict funding at every turn. Hammond and May should respect their positions enough to resign immediately and allow Brexiteers who truly believe in the EU Referendum process to deliver on the will of the British people.

The Cooper-Letwin Bill was brought before the House of Commons on Wednesday and was rushed through in a matter of hours. This is a dire disregard for Parliamentary due process of scrutinizing legislation. The Bill spent Thursday in the House of Lords, and after much filibustering by loyal Conservative Brexiteer Lords, the session was adjourned until Monday. This delay is a victory for Brexit as it raises the potential of the Bill not passing in time before the next Brexit deadline of April 12th – next Friday.

The intention of the Cooper-Letwin Bill is to prevent a No Deal Brexit – clearly brought about by a collusion with Remainiacs, led by one Labour and one Conservative MP. However, even if the Bill passes, the Prime Minister retains the right to reject the Withdrawal Agreement. The possibility of a No Deal Brexit cannot be removed, as the Prime Minister’s remit to leave with No Deal endures. The other possibility is the EU rejecting a further Extension, something French President Emmanuel Macron is reportedly seriously considering.

Today, Theresa May and Donald Tusk have written to each other, requesting differing extensions to Brexit. May has opted for June 30th, which would bind us into European Parliamentary Elections. Tusk has been talking for weeks about potentially offering us the longest possible extension, hoping to keep us in. Today he has suggested the UK accepts a ‘flextension’ arrangement. This could mean the UK could remain part of the EU until March 31st 2020, or leaving before if a deal is agreed to. This is totally unacceptable. We have seen how the EU negotiate. We would not be able to leave before March 31st 2020, as they will be unwilling to accept any changes. The proposition also opens the door for a potential Second Referendum, as the arguments about the length of time since the last one will increase. Followed by the complete cancellation of Brexit.

May will clearly stick to her Withdrawal Agreement, which the EU have insisted they will not change. No doubt she is hoping Corbyn will capitulate to her constant bullying, perhaps attempting to draw him into her snare with promises of changes to the Political Declaration, a Customs Union and a Second Referendum. At the moment the flunkies are supposed to be working together to hammer out something or other, but it will no doubt be the weakest of weakest Brexit-in-name-only!

BREAKING NEWS, this evening Sir Keir Starmer has said “the Government are not proposing changes to the Deal” and real compromises are imperative if a meaningful agreement is to be reached. Without Labour votes, May’s Deal will be doomed if it’s returned to the Commons for a fourth time.

This week Brexiteer Robin Tilbrook has begun costly legal action against the Government. Mr Tilbrook – and many other legal experts – believe the UK legally left the EU on Friday March 29th, on the grounds Theresa May’s letter to Donald Tusk asking for an extension to Brexit – ie the date we should have left the EU – is “null and void”, as any attempt for an extension can only be done by an Act of Parliament. If Mr Tilbrook is successful, we will have left the EU on March 29th.

Theresa May’s premiership has been marked by resignations – a massive 22 Ministers so far – unheard of under any previous Prime Minister. Yesterday, a further 10 MPs threatened to resign from their ministerial positions if the UK does not leave the EU on May 22nd 2019. The turmoil this week has illuminated the persistent failures of the Prime Minister, the House of Commons and the Brexit process. The only way we can deliver on the result of the EU Referendum is to leave the EU without a Deal as quickly as possible! We must leave the EU on April 12th with No Deal on WTO terms, come what may!

Now is the time for more action – please! It is vital for you to continue to contact your MPs so their Inbox and Postbags are full. It does not matter if they do not reply – as they will still get the message. Your letters and e-mails are working! It is vital your voice is heard. They are your elected representatives.

We have another sample letter here for you to send to your own MP, of whichever political party, and a letter specific to Labour MPs here. All you need to do is print them out, add your contact details and the details we have indicated, and send them. Or you can cut and paste them into a fresh document to amend, and please remember, you must include your address, as it confirms you live in their Constituency and they are your MP. You can find out who your MP is and how to contact them here.

Good luck. This is really important, and please let us know you get on: e-mail

By the way, just to prove Get Britain Out is not the only one to know Theresa May is the major problem with Brexit!!! The respected author, journalist and political commentator, Frederick Forsyth has written this for the Daily Express today on how Theresa May landed us in this mess.

Best wishes

Jayne Adye, Campaign Director and the Team at Get Britain Out

P.S. Please don’t forget, we rely on donations to carry out our work, and everything you donate to our campaign goes towards securing the Best Clear Brexit deal for Great Britain – every £ counts! Donations can be made via bank transfer, cheque, standing order or Paypal – all the details are here. PLEASE NOTE: Cheques should be made out to The EU Referendum Campaign Limited and not Get Britain Out please. Unfortunately, we cannot accept credit card donations or foreign currency cheques. A massive thank you to everyone who has helped.


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Much love & blessings,
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