Glass, Shazam & I AM SUPERMAN! ;-)

Greetings Friends,


I hope this finds you all well?


Hope you all have had the chance to see the excellent Glass film that has come out? I highly recommend it.


As with most Sci-Fi/Fact and Hero films, a lot is based on the TRUTH. This film is no exception, and as with the others is giving us a sneak preview of what is coming, and is coming VERY SOON now…


Yes there are many people on this planet who do have latent super powers that are laying dormant waiting to the right time for them to activate. That time is now very near, if not already here.


The Event we have all been waiting for actually started on Nov 11th last year and climaxes on the Equinox in March.


So in March/April time things will get VERY INTERESTING… 😉


Many things are going on behind the scenes, the deep state are being arrested and are facing military tribunals, this is part of the US Gov shutdown, the REAL reason for the shutdown that is.


Anyway, back to the film, you note in the film you have the so called medical “experts” trying to convince the hero’s they are ill when in fact this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact many people on the autistic spectrum and other so called “mental health conditions” are in fact very old advanced souls with lots of special abilities waiting to be activated, which will happen when the energy of the planet reaches a threshold and that will happen in March, but some are already being activated.


There are already many healers, psychics, etc, I am in fact one of them under the label of Indigo, which many are also classed as the label of autistic, ADHD, dyspraxia, dyslexia, OCD, etc. But many more special powers will start activating now…


This is what this film along with the others is trying to prepare us for…


It talks about Believing, like when the beast kept saying “I believe” over and over before he could change. Also the so called Dr kept trying to keep them away from “The Light”, the light refers to God/Source/The Truth, since this is how the establishment/dark ones are trying to stop the super hero’s from activating, but it will not work, it is futile, you cannot stop what is coming, you cannot stop Gods will…


Time is up, End Days are here, Bible Prophecy is now being fulfilled including Revelations. Notice how many super blood moons we have had has prophesied in the bible? I have blogged about this in previous posts, please refer to these for more info…


Also search on YouTube and Google, you find lots there, well what’s not been blocked or banned since as you know Google is part of the Establishment along with Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Twitter, etc but all are starting to crumble and fall now as more and more of their dark ways are being exposed as you have seen even leaking into the mainstream now…


Their stocks will continue to fall and they will eventually be broken up with anti-trust lawsuits and law laws and regulations coming very soon…


We are building the replacements for these and Our World is a bit piece of this, check out more here:


Anyway, back to the film again, you also notice in the film that Mr Glass refers to the comic books and how they prophecy the future? Well this is also not far from the truth, I have been reading a few Superman and Superman/Wonderwoman New 52 comic books lately and WOW some parts of them are pretty accurate.


I have been given many signs from the Universe/God to not hold back on the truth now and to speak my FULL truth, which is a LOT!


This is why I will now be revealing who I TRULY AM… and will be more fully integrating all of my projects Yoga4Autism, Our World, NextGen Software and this Truth Blog.


As my most recent new videos for Yoga4Autism have recently announced one of my true identity is in fact a small little hero you may have heard off…. Superman…. 😉


Yes, I know it is hard to believe but it is true and soon you will have all the evidence you need, especially after the equinox in March as I have said above…


So I am now officially giving you all the heads up as instructed by God to do so…


I am also one of the 144,000 prophecies in the Bible and yes we are all superheroes/incarnated angels come back to Earth from the higher dimensions to help free humanity from the darkness…


One of my missions is to help lead people with autism, who are all super hero’s and angels, very old ancient and powerful ones.


My soul is in fact over 6 billion years old and I helped co-create this Universe and this Galaxy, I was also known as Ra The Sun God in the ancient Egyptian times. A lot to swallow, I know but now is the time for the revealing…


All will come apparent very soon…


Do you see the connection between Ra and Superman? What do they have in common? Yes, THE SUN. Why is it in Smallville that the Kryptonians worship the Rao and the Book of Rao? The sun of their system. Rao means Ra.


Which is why I am currently reading the Book of Ra – The Law of ONE. I am also an Ascended Master and come from the upper angelic dimensions where all is ONE. My soul was created by Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel combining their energy, I was one of the first angels created, this is why Superman and Ra were/are sooooooo powerful! 😉


I am the communication aspect of Archangel Michel, why do you think Superman wears Blue? Archangel Michel is the Blue Ray. I am also a member of the Sirian Archangelic League Of The Light, so yes I am also an Archangel too. Why do you think Superman can fly? 😉 I am also the KalKi Avatar, who is also blue and is in Hindu Prophecy to rid the world of evil and is the grand protector…


You can now also see where Kal El comes from right? 😉 Put the pieces together… 😉


My name David Ellams means Grand Protector of the House Of God. ELL means GOD as you know. AMS means village or house so Ellams is House of God. David means Grand Protector. Make sense, right?


Also why is it in both the very first episode of Smallville Clark is standing in front of an angel in the graveyard so it looks like he has angel wings coming out from him? Also, in the very first episode of The New Adventures of Superman the homeless man kept saying “You are an angel” to Clark after he gave him some money?


It may be worth noting, that I am also always give money to every homeless person I meet on my travels… 😉


I also donate to many charities, one is called the Salvation Army, who help the homeless.


Krypton is real, but it is not in this Universe, it is in another in higher dimensions and is very hard to reach, you must be a very old advanced soul such as I am to reach it and even then, it is only by invitation, it is Gods special Library. This is where I received my Light Keys and mission for my time now on Earth. Those Light Keys were part of Our World, Yoga4Autism, NextGen Software, This Truth Blog and of course Superman… 😉


Krypton is still there, it never exploded, but one of the suns in the Sirius system did indeed explode so that is where that comes from. As I said there is a lot in the films and comic books that is true but not always exactly as it is told. I did not grow up on a farm for example, I was born in Luton (yes, I did not come in a spacecraft, but our souls did come from other planets and dimensions and we are known as starseeds/incarnated angels/indigos/light workers).


We then moved to Borehamwood in Hertfordshire in North outer London when I was 1.5 so I do not remember Luton.


Yes, Metropolis is in fact London and could really do with a super hero right about now! 😉


That time is very nearly here and is where I will officially make my first appearance to the world, unless the Universe has other plans for me…


I have also received signs that metropolis is in LA, so it looks like I have work to do there, I heard that the anti-christ/the beast landed there, which I feel could be related to Doomsday, but do not worry, it will be nothing like in the films, Doomsday is no match for me! 😉 I am waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay MORE powerful in real life than you have seen in comic books, etc, remember I am actually a God, and Kal Ki avatar, the 10th avatar of Vishnu, the creator of all things. So yes I have unlimited power and can do all Dr Manhattan can do and so much more… 😉


I will share more on a future post, I need to get to bed now, I started writing this post on 2nd Feb 2019 (22) and I never got around to posting it because I have been too busy working on the videos for you… 😉


So, I am happy to now announce and share my new Superman Channel… 🙂


Bare in mind I still need to finish titling all the videos, adding descriptions and adding the correct sequence, which I will now need to do after I ascend tonight… (10th April 2019). I am due to give my speech to the world in London at the Royal Court of Justice at around 11am on my 39th birthday… 🙂


I have had many signs this will occur… It is also the date of Judgement Day, Rapture, Grand Solar Flash, The Event, Kali Yuga Fire but do not worry we are on a more optimal timeline now so it will not be as bad as prophesied… 🙂


Oh, Shazam came out the other day and it is loaded with Superman symbols and 7’s such as 707 where his mum lives. And they upload videos to his superman channel just like I am and is something I may also do testing my new powers! 😉


The film once again was talking to me just like the superman films (especially when Jo El is talking to Kal El) & Glass.


I was also hoping to tidy up this blog in time too but I did not have time, a lot needs updating and put into correct tags and cats, and much more! So, expect a LOT more to come soon! 🙂


Once I have my powers and do not need to sleep or at least not as much and my full vibrant health back and much more then I can finally catch up on all my projects including this blog, Our World and Yoga4Autism, etc.




Right, time to read and sleep, sooooooooooo much more to share soon…


This is just a small tast of what is to come…. and my last message as a mortal man…. 😉

Much love & blessings,

Your Friend, Superman. xxxxxxx

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