The TRUTH About The Corona Virus & Upcoming 10 Days Of Darkness…

Greetings Friends,

First, apologies for the very long since I have had time to post here. Much has transpired since we last spoke…

We have been VERY busy working on our projects Our World, Yoga4Autism & others… Life has been VERY crazy and intense indeed and that was before this pandemic lockdown we are all facing now..

Please check out the latest on our projects below: And-.NET-HDK

I had been sharing the TRUTH of what is REALLY going on over on my personal FB account, but it seems certain people did not want me sharing the truth so they have attempted to silence me by locking me out so I now need to share here instead…

It’s a shame, there were a number of posts I wanted to copy direct from my wall and the TruthIsEverywhere FB page but sadly that is no longer possible, so I will share all again from memory, this will be more of a summary of all I have been sharing over the past few weeks, maybe one day I can share the other posts if I ever get back into my account. I have even tried creating 2 new accounts and they will not even allow me to do that, it seems FB is totally dead to me now, which is no bad thing really since we are building the replacements for them, Google, etc as we speak. The issue is the 5.5k fans on the Our World page we manage and the 3.5K Yoga4Autism fans on the Y4A page we can no longer reach, not to mention the TruthIsEverywhere page…

It seems they REALLY did not want you all to hear what I was sharing, which goes to show it must have been right over the target for them to panic and get this drastic!

So…. anyways… here goes…

So as you probably may have noticed, the world has gone even more crazy than usual with this so called pandemic and resulting lockdown. So ok, yes, the virus is real BUT it is not as deadly as the fake news mainstream media would lead you to believe. To date, the flu has killed MANY more people along with many other causes of death, but because the media have not put the spotlight on them no one really notices or cares too much. This was the dark one’s end game, they final last stand against the forces of light, which yes I am happy to say is kicking their ass! 😉 The mass arrests have been happening over the past few years as Trump, Q & the white hats have continued to drain the swamp as promised and also as prophesised, all is proceeding as plan so there is nothing to worry about there my friends… 😉

The dark ones know they have lost so this was their final card to play, they have been forced to play it earlier than they wanted to, because they know the final rests and disclosure was imminent. They also know that the 5D is now strongly anchored onto Earth and there is nothing they can do about it… they were hoping this so called pandemic could get them back onto their NWO timeline, but I am pleased to say that is IMPOSSIBLE and not going to happen so you can all relax ok? 😉

Our victory is guaranteed, and we have in fact already won! 🙂 The dark ones know it too, but bless their little cotton socks, they did not want to go down without a fight!

They were hoping all the fear they have been generating from the hysteria the media have hyped up would be enough but as with all their plans the last few years, it has back fired big time, it is actually waking even more people up at an unprecedented rate! 🙂 Yes folks, this is the GREAT AWAKENING we have all been waiting for! 🙂 Yes, people needed to be shocked awake and that is what is happening now… 🙂

The virus as you may know by now was manufactured in a lab in China and was released early as I said, so it is not as dangerous as they wanted to make it. Plus it has already transmuted since then because the light on the planet is too high to allow a pandemic to happen and yes the white hats and GOD are in charge, we have billions and billions of angels, archangels, masters, friendly advanced ET’s here at this time, with millions upon millions of ships in orbit and within the solar system all cloaked, all helping us so do you think they would let this get out of hand? I don’t think so… We are right at the finish line and NOTHING can stop what is coming… NOTHING! 😉

The best way to protect yourself from the virus is the same as you would from the cold or flu, erc, just be healthy, happy, positive, loving, compassionate and keep your immune system strong!

Some ways you can do this include:

  • Daily yoga.
  • Daily meditation.
  • Daily fresh air/sunshine in nature.
  • Eat/drink healthy
  • Deep prana breathing.
  • Daily mantras such as “I have perfect health and the perfect body”, “I have an abundance of energy”, “I have all the energy I need” etc are also very powerful and work! Say them out loud as often as you can throughout the day! ?

A powerful daily meditation I do every day is that I do deep breathing as I breath in white healing light into my body, I flood my body with light as I submerge myself in light, like I am floating in a bath of light or a void of light… Then breath in from the core crystal of Gaia/Earth (Shakti energy) and the great central sun (Shiva energy). Do a body scan and focus on different parts of your body and then eventually your whole body, imagine your whole body glowing radiantly with light…

Check out some videos I made when I was in Bali last year that explain in more detail:

The virus is only claiming the lives of the souls who have agreed not to ascend at this time… I have said this before, that those dying in natural disasters, etc are ones who have chosen not to ascend with us so are going to other planets who are further behind ours in their ascension timeline, to give them more time to play in polarity until they are ready to awaken and then ascend as many here are now choosing to finally do… my heart still goes out to their loved ones and families they leave behind… but please remember they are not really gone, we can still talk to them in the higher dimensions and soon once we all ascend we can speak face to face once again…

The areas where most people are dying is where there is also the most 5G such as in China, Italy, etc. 5G is the REAL threat to humanity, the virus is just a cover for this. 5G is what weakeners the immune system, gives respiratory issues, pneumonia, etc. The virus just finishes the person off. Yes 5G MUST BE STOPPED ASAP!


The other good news is that because people are now in doors, there is less traffic and also less pollution from workplaces, factories, etc so it has given the planet (Gaia) time to recover from all the damage humanity has caused over the years…

Plus, it gives people the chance to spend more time with their families that they are normally too busy to do. Plus it gives them time to spend more time researching the TRUTH of what is really going on instead of relying on the fake bs mainstream media… Yes this really is the GREAT AWAKENING we have all been waiting for… 🙂

Finally, it also gives them more time to go inward and BE rather than DOING all the time… like I said GOD IS IN CONTROL and all is PROCEEDING AS PLANNED… 😉

More good news is that the white hats (Trump, Q, The Alliance, etc) are using this opportunity to arrest the final dark ones so the lockdown is actually working in our favour because now it will be harder for the dark ones to run. It also keeps people safe in their homes so they do not get caught in the crossfire and it also removes targets of opportunities for the dark ones such as sport stadiums, etc. Why do you think they were the first things to be cancelled? The White hats are in charge, remember that folks… the dark ones lost control a long time ago now, and have been losing even more every day as the light grows stronger and the dark finally fades from this world…

There will be 10 days of darkness very soon, maybe even today or tomorrow, where there will be no internet, phones, TV but there will be the Emergency Broadcast Channel where Trump and the white hats will be broadcasting on to redpill/wake up the rest of humanity who may still be sleeping, such as my parents for one, bless them! 😉

So best prepare for this, stock up etc but DO NOT panic buy, its not fair on anyone else, thank you!

Yes, very soon the world is going to find out the TRUTH of what has REALLY been going on… yes, they will be angry and shocked but once they get over that we can FINALLY get on building the new earth unimpeded… HURRAY! 🙂

This is where my primary mission/project Our World can finally take off! We are about to secure 7 million funding for this and will soon be building out our crack elite A-Team in our new London office… this should hopefully be within a few months once things calm down a bit… but make no mistake… things will NEVER go back to the way things were… this is it folks… The EVENT we have all been waiting for… the rest of the institutions are being liberated now, more and more CEOS, politicians are retiring all the time as they have been over the past few years, because they know they have been caught so are forced to exit.

You see celebs, the Queen, Prince Charles, etc all getting the virus, this is sometimes a cover for them being arrested or they have actually caught it and most likely its both… it turns out their adrenochrome (they get from torturing kids, sorry to say, but this has now been stopped) that they all get high off and keeps them looking young was spiked with the virus… sweet karma there don’t you think?! 😉

Poisoned by your own poison… yes God really does have a sense of humour for sure! 😉  The rest of their supplies and money have all dried up, they know they are finished, their final card and last stand have failed and humanity has won… I repeat WE HAVE WON… so prepare to start celebrating people! 🙂

Not long after the announcements, there will be disclosure about the friendly ET’s here helping us… not long after that first contact will be made and all the suppressed technology such as medbeds, free clean renewable energy, replicators, space travel, stargates, etc will be released to the public. Yes, it is true we ALREADY have Star Trek tech, its just been kept from us, it has been used in the various Secret Space Programs, but all of this will be released to the public now…

Finally, to top all of this off, the Grand Solar Flash will occur towards the end of the year, if not before… then things will get VERY interesting! 😉 And yes Superman (Kal Ki/World Teacher) will be showing up for real then… finally… 😉 If not before… I will share more on this soon… 😉

There is soooooooooooooooo much more I have to share, and I hope to in time… It has been very challenging trying to run all these projects mostly on my own with very little support and zero funding, so trying to stay alive and cope with all that has been thrown at me has really slowed me down a lot, but as always, I will never give up, no matter how hard it gets! 🙂 What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger right? 😉  I have had to endure relentless attacks from the dark ones my whole life, because they know who I am and how much of a threat I am to them, but that may have slowed me down, it cannot stop what is coming…

I have had to endure burn out, autism and many other health complications that have really slowed me down. Because they know they cannot get to me, they use the people closest to me like my romantic relationships and my parents against me. Unfortunately, they put black magic on all of them to make my life has hard as possible but I do not blame them, its not their fault… I was suppose to marry my twin flame last year, the love of my life but they also took her from me along with my beloved daughter who is now 9 and I have not seen since she was 1.

I was robbed, lost all my business opportunities and job when I was in Bali last year where I also lost my twin flame (she is Balinese). I was on the run from immigration for months because when I tried to renew my visa they were closed for Ramadan for 9 days and it is 1 million IDR (about £55) a day fine. My agent did not tell me and my local gf didn’t even know! So when they finally opened again they tried to charge me 9 million IDR, which I could not afford, I barely had enough money to get the taxi there and back and to pay for my visa. I tried to leave 3 times and lost thousands on flights after taking months to raise the money from friends and family. I barely had enough money to eat and stay alive there, it was only my good friends and families who helped me stay alive.

In the end I got caught trying to get a ferry to Malaysia and had to spend days in a dirty Indonesian cell with no bed, shower, just a tap and a hole is all I had. But even that has been easier than me being forced to stay with my parents the past few months since I got back to UK on 11/11/19. I was still trying to recover from all that had happened to me and the trauma I had suffered when this outbreak begun, which unfortunately has made my parents even worst, they have always been fear based and very negative and totally plugged into the matrix but with the current events and the fear on overdrive it has become unbearable! It is not their fault, I just really hope they wake up soon, at least with the announcements coming I know there will eventually be an  end to it now! 🙂

Anyway, I digress, so yes its going to be an AMAZING year for us all where the world will never be the same again! 🙂 Yes, it is the end of the world as we know it, and I do indeed feel fine… 😉 That is what that song is all about… 😉


In Love, Light & HOPE,

Your Friend.
The Messenger.

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