The TRUTH Is Out There…

64354_1221910725636_423_300For all those who think nothing has changed since 21.12.12, the changes and LOVE & LIGHT are EVERYWHERE, you just have to be OPEN to it…

This is only a fraction of what is out there and this is only less than a few months, and I have noticed the occurrences of these accelerating so this is a VERY GOOD SIGN! 😉

images (2)So just hang in there a little longer, and connect to your hearts and to each other, you are ALL LOVED beyond words unconditionally and for all eternity, you are ALL the INFINITE, POWER beyond words, you are all GOD’s and GODDESSES’s. Search within yourselves to find the TRUTH and see for yourself…

Stay HAPPY, stay positive, keep smiling and all will be well… all is proceeding as planned, trust me, all is as it should be…


aMI am not alone, there are many of us here walking the earth now (Archangels, angels, ascended masters, starseeds, the list goes on and on), we are here to hold your hands into the promised land. More and more are coming now, the frequency and vibrations increase daily and our and YOUR power rises daily. You are ALL beautiful and PERFECT just the way you are.

If you feel you can help contribute to this then please Contact Us.

Please email whatever you have seen and what the meaning you think is behind it.

I will then check these are correct and if so, will be uploaded and you will be credited for them. You will also get a BIG THANK YOU from me and receive much love & blessings from me! 😉

The Messenger


Hmmmmm, is how you re-connect to your body. Also notice the ealing mag has the heart formed with hands? 😉

WP_20130319_001  We are the Lion, represents the Felines..WP_20130317_004 WP_20130315_007 WP_20130315_006 WP_20130315_002 Peru, hmmmm, I wonder what secrets they will find there? Well if you do a quick Google and youtube you can find out now…

WP_20130315_001 WP_20130314_010 WP_20130314_009 WP_20130314_008 WP_20130314_007

WP_20130314_002 WP_20130314_001 WP_20130313_002 WP_20130313_001

Good Vibrations, everything is alive and vibration as we know from Physics since Atoms are always vibrating and are made up of mostly SPACE, which is why we have inner space as well as outer space. With the new age/earth and the higher energies coming to Earth now, the vibrations are increasing all of the time. The more you can raise your vibration the lighter and lighter and less dense you will become (just like in Physics again such as when you heat ice and it turns to water and then to steam)and eventually we will become pure energy (the steam) and all ascend together into the 5th Dimension (aka heaven) and beyond… but the 5th Dimension is already here on parts of Geia (Earth) where the vibrations are high enough, you just need to raise your vibrations to FEEL the energies and the BLISS and HAPPINESS that comes with them.

When everyone has reached the 5th dimension or a critical mass off us have collectively then that is when the real magic will begin, then we can instantly manifest anything we want and be able to teleport ourselves with just a thought, and that is just he beginning…


WP_20130312_004 WP_20130312_001

WP_20130307_001 WP_20130301_053

Yes, fear is a funny old thing, as the saying goes, there is NOTHING to fear but fear itself. Choose LOVE over fear, for fear is simply an illusion and has been created to control and divide people, do not play the game, you cannot lose, if you do not play…

Time to go home, indeed it is, but do you know the spiritual meaning of this? It is the same as full circle and has Star Wars and Pendulmn mention, “The circle is now complete” Yes nearly every Pendulmn song has a hidden meaning to the TRUTH and so does Star Wars, most of it is based on Truths, I will talk more on this in future…

WP_20130301_052 WP_20130226_003 WP_20130226_002 WP_20130226_001 WP_20130225_001

Every cloud does indeed have a silver lining, you just need to search for it and also find the valuable lesson you have learnt, which like everything helps you grow, evolve and become an even stronger person than you ALL already are… remember you are ALL INFINTLEY POWERFUL, the power lies within, time to start mediating and reading The Power of Now and you will soon seen for yourselves…

What a bargain considering it will make your life just get better and better and better. Want to be HAPPY, At PEACE and in BLISS and JOY ALL of the time? Then I suggest you get reading! 😉



WP_20130224_002 WP_20130221_008 WP_20130221_007 WP_20130221_006 WP_20130221_005

See our good triangle shaped friends (Illuminati) on the glass and windows? 🙂

WP_20130221_004 WP_20130221_003 WP_20130221_001 WP_20130220_007 WP_20130220_004 WP_20130320_001 WP_20130219_003 WP_20130218_004

Poems all over the underground talking the TRUTH once again…

WP_20130218_003 WP_20130216_020 WP_20130216_018 WP_20130216_014 WP_20130216_007 WP_20130216_006 WP_20130216_005 WP_20130216_004

Reclaim Love & Release The Peace grows more and more each year, next year will be exponentially bigger, trust me! 😉

Strangers and passers by couldn’t help but be drawn in by the light and the love! 🙂

WP_20130215_004 WP_20130214_009

Hmmmm is how you re-connect to your body.

WP_20130214_008 WP_20130214_007 WP_20130214_005 WP_20130214_004



Lots of symbolism here, but the main one I want to point out is the diamond:

Also noticed how the BBC now has a diamond on TV with the cat turning into a Lion? Both the cat and lion have significant meaning too:



WP_20130214_002 WP_20130214_001 WP_20130205_004 WP_20130205_003

A local gym has a spiral as its logo, the spiral has a significant meaning:

WP_20130205_002 WP_20130201_004 We see much more music being played on the underground and music is one of many pathways to the soul and beyond…

WP_20130131_006 WP_20130131_005 WP_20130131_004

Infinity is the keyword here, just as we are all infinite as all that is and ever will be, all is equal and all is infinitealways.

WP_20130131_003 WP_20130131_002 WP_20130131_001 WP_20130130_004  Brightening up the tube with some good old humor. 🙂

Find many more here:

WP_20130130_003 God save the people…  and so it is… 😉


This equipment is very RADIANT, just as you all are my beautiful brothers & sisters…

WP_20130129_004 WP_20130129_001

Very similar to The Ank of life.

WP_20130128_004 WP_20130128_002 WP_20130128_001 WP_20130127_005 WP_20130122_001 WP_20130111_001 1&1-HoldingPage

Note the FIRST item in the search results here? Interesting, is it not?


Even Microsoft have started showing the TRUTH on their Bing Search page, notice the part that says “Galaxy Turf wall,  rogue UFOs, unhinged onboard computers, what was the biggest danger?”



Did you see the Metorite special on BBC Horizons?

Did you notice a HEART shapped explosion caused by the ball bearing being accelerated and slammed into some sand?

Here’s some freeze frame screenshots off it:

Horrizon-Metoer1 Horrizon-Metoer2 Horrizon-Metoer3 Horrizon-Metoer4 Horrizon-Metoer5

Explain that? 🙂

Even Virgin are using more hearts and the infinity symbol, which I am sure we are all aware off? 🙂



Much, much, much more to come soon folks… xxxxx

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