Fringe Season 5: Episode 3

10:21 -healthy lure about you” Referring to his aura no dealt.

“Libraries burnt to the ground” “believed our history like all conquered races before us would be rewritten by our repressors”

rewriting-history-150x150Yes, it is true our history really has been altered to keep us asleep and enslaved even without us knowing it. But soon the TRUTH will be coming out about this in the mainstream…

But in the mean time it is all over the Internet and YouTube if you wish to have a REAL history lesson…

Here is something to get you started:


download33:36 – “I want to make sure there is a world out there you can THRIVE in”

Check out the thrive movement: Again highly recommend and make sure you do the action steps it refers to below, to do your bit to help our world and everyone on it.



34:05 – “The mineral you are looking for is a crystalline form of quartz” “Will unlock their potential and create a powerful energy source”.

Also there are crystals powering most ships in sci (fi) such as sg1, star trek etc. Which as you may guess is what is actually used in most UFO’s and spaceships, YES, they do ALL exist and as I have said before my Sci (Fi) is in face more Science than Fiction.


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