Fringe Season 5: Episode 5

 “You prescribed meaning to something that was not there. You saw what you wanted to see, you believed what you wanted to believe because that is what your emotions do. They preside meaning to something that is not there, they fool your perception as to what is real.” 37:10

download (1)Define your reality, what we see here in this world is only an illusion, the matrix, one we are all in control off, we have the power to change it to whatever we want, you just need to change your thoughts and emotions and the Universe will reflect them back to you, the laws of attraction.

So if you are positive you will attract more positive things into your life but if you are negative you will attract more of that into your life. So always be aware of your thoughts and feelings.

download (3)If negative thoughts come along, simply notice them, do not judge them, then let them go. Imagine they are like passing clouds in the sky, simply watch them float by but do not give them any attention or energy and they will very quickly disappear.

Yes, The Matrix film is actually the closest thing to the TRUTH of our reality, I will cover this in more detail in a future post…

See the rest of the laws here:

Yes, thoughts really do create reality (as covered in episode 2’s posting), so make sure you are careful of what you think.


“You put together the device due to your knowledge and INTUITION”

As Obi Wan once said:

“Feel, don’t think, trust your instincts.”

They are normally correct, go with your gut feeling, follow what your heart says and not your mind. Your intuition is more powerful than your ever know, it can unlock unlimited potential within you…


Peter – “You are nothing without your tech!”

Peter -“I would be ten times what you are with your tech!”

images (4)This is true, other species and races rely on technology but they do not use it wisely so can have devastating consequences like wiping out entire civilizations as has happened many times. We need to make sure our technology does not overtake our wisdom and spirituality, so to make sure it is used wisely to benefit the human race and not to destroy it. I will talk more on this in future…

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