Star Wars Part 2

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The Saga Continues…


The LifeForce/Source

SourceThe lifeforce it talks about is also real and is also referred to as The Source, The Field, The Quantum Field, Spirit, Holy Spirit & Consciousnesses. It is true that everything is made off the same source energy and it binds us all together meaning we are all ONE. We are all an expression of this lifeforce.



Physics also is now finally starting to catch up with this truth and it has been proven through Quantum mechanics


I will cover this in more detail and explain it in future…


The Chosen One(s)

The Chosen one who will bring balance to the force is also real, except there is not only one, there are many, in fact you could quite likely be one if you are reading this, you have simply chosen to wake up to the TRUTH that we are all ONE. But since we are all ONE, then it is correct by saying the chosen ONE.

It is also true that fear does lead to anger, which leads to hatred, which leads to suffering, which leads to the dark side. This is why you should always go with love over fear, for love will always conquer all. Love is the most powerful force in all existence, period.

The dark side (fear based emotions such as anger, hatred, guilt, jealousy, etc) is also not good for your health and can lead to serious problems down the line and can ultimately need to a shorter life expectancy, whereas love based emotions (joy, happiness, bliss, acceptance, peace, compassion, forgiveness) will improve your health and lead to a longer life expectancy.


Attack of the Clones/Drones

Attack of the clones refer’s to the Attack of the drones:



Trust your instincts, FEEL, don’t think

Finally, when obi wan says:

obiwan “FEEL, don’t think, trust your instincts”.

This is very wise advice, you need to get out of your heads and into your hearts, you need to listen to what your heart and body are telling you, need to listen to your instincts and intuition, there is wisdom much wiser and more powerful than the mind could even begin to comprehend. The Source of all things is inside you, you have the entire Universe inside you and you have Source/God within you too. This is what Obi Wan and the rest of the Jedi’s do and is the Source of their power, don’t you want to be a Jedi too? 😉



See the The TRUTH Is Inside YOU section for more info on this.

This sums up some more of the meanings between the dark and light side, I did say there were TONS of meanings and believe me we still haven’t covered the half of it! 😉 I may need to do a part 2 for this post…




The Dark vs The Light

The dark side is always more destructive and has no value for life whatsoever, this is why the light is ALWAYS stronger. You cannot go against the flow of life and The Force/Source and expect it to work better for you, you see it is the dark side that is truly arrogant…

It should be:

“If only you knew the power of the LIGHT side of the force…” 😉


More Meanings

Even deeper meanings can be found here: – A good all round site but when it refers to the 2nd coming, it has already been preceded by the return of Chris Consciousness in billions of us now here, and it is spreading fast as more and more awaken to the TRUTH…


Also check out:


Stay tuned for part 3….


May the force be with you, always.

The Messenger.

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I am a Messenger from let's say a very high Source and I am your friend, I am here along with many more to bring PEACE, LOVE, JOY, HAPPINESS, UNITY, FREEDOM and abundance for all of mankind... it is OUR time NOW, the time is NOW! Please see the About section for more info...
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