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I hope you enjoy the posts and having the blinkers removed? I know some of it may be quite hard to digest to being with when you have been lied to and deceived your whole life, but it is time for the TRUTH to come out, humanity is waking up and I am simply assisting in the process…

Remember, the TRUTH will set you FREE… 😉

Other vital projects which will help all of mankind are below, it would be greatly appreciated if you could help promote these anyway you can and to try and get some funding and backing to get them off the ground… I put a lot of my personal time and hard work into this blog but it does not help fund the other vital projects.

So I would be greatly appreciated if you could as a thank you do all you can to help get them out there so I can help more people, I want to help ALL of YOU, the FREE training programme should particually interest most of you… 😉

Also, if you can donate anything to keep this blog going that would also be greatly appreciated, THANK YOU! 🙂

I have removed the part that details who I really am for the time being, since I did not want to put anyone off who is not awake enough to deal with that informaiton, at least not yet anyway… but it can still be reached on a password protected page, please contact me if you are awake and ready to hear the FULL TRUTH and I will send you the link and password. This mainly applies to lightworkers, you will know who you are… 😉


Current Projects


As I am sure most are aware Autism is a higher vibrational gift for our new earth? One of my missions here is to help free them all, I will then go one step further and offer them all jobs to help co-create our new world together.

Y4Apromoposter2.fwWe need help with funding, spreading the word, and with participants and families wishing to help themselves or their child by releasing their full potential by helping to grow them as a person and allow them to express their gifts to the best of their ability to the waiting world.


LOGO-Card2Which moves me onto the next company, NextGen Software Ltd, our slogan is

Co-creating a better world for tomorrow“.



earth-love-light-childOne of my gifts is I see the future in technology and Science, this is related to my Sirian background and Sirian knowledge. So this company is all about using this technology for good, rather than evil, to use it to its maximum effect to help people and to help our mother Geia too. To help heal, connect us all and create a new society of Unity Consciousnesses. To connect and support people rather than disconnect and encourage isolation. It is about building a better world for tomorrow and helping reach, connect and support every soul on this planet and also about helping Geia too.


smartphone-and-tablet-users-spend-more-time-on-appsWe have games, smartphone apps plus more for every type of person and age group including kids., which will be fun to play but will teach valuable lessons such as mediation, mindfulness, exercise, yoga, nutrition, etc, etc,

We will eventually be getting our training and fun games into all schools, colleges and Universities around the world, and this is only the beginning…

Projects are aimed at all and every type of person, age, background, etc. we have plans on how to each every soul, We will be offering FREE training for ALL regardless of who they are and their background. I realised sometime ago, the huge amount of downloads & visions I get, I could never possibly create them all on my lifetime even if I could work on them full-time non-stop! That is when I realized I needed help co-creating our new earth, so I have been reaching out to all I meet and know offering them all jobs to help make the world a better place.


Our Mission

Our mission at NextGen Software, along with our partners, is to help make the world a better place by using technology for good rather than evil, by bringing people together and to support, guide and educate everyone on how they can all live happier, fulfilling life’s united as ONE We want to connect people both within their local communities and across the globe.

We will show how people can turn their life’s around and also on how they can support & help each other as well as themselves. We will give people the encouragement , support and power they need to make a real difference and how they can also help and improve our environment by going green and beyond.

yogaWe can help educate people how to be at peace with themselves and the world by teaching in fun ways techniques such as mindfulness, mediation, yoga, etc

We will eventually hope to be getting our training and fun games into all schools, colleges and Universities around the world, and this is only the beginning…

We want YOU and your family to be happy and to live full fulfilling life’s, together as one, we can all be the change we wish to see in our world…

Projects are aimed at all and every type of person, age, background, etc. we have plans on how to each every soul, we will be offering FREE training for ALL regardless of who they are and their background.

dep_7041279-love-makes-the-world-go-round-concept-Yes, it is true, we really are run by LOVE and not by money, unfortunately at this time, money still makes the world go round, but it is LOVE which really keeps everything going, we envision one day money will be a thing of the past and then LOVE really will be the only thing keeping the world and everyone in it alive, happy, connected and at peace with all that is.

All profits we make get fed back into the business to help fund more projects and initiatives to help even more people. The rest goes to many charities including Cancer Research UK, Age UK, NSPC, Save The Children, The Greenlight Foundation (replanting trees in the rain forest, etc), The Salvation Army, Plan (Sponsoring children in Africa), Animal Protection Agency and Educate For Life amongst many more.

266_14076_iAs we grow we will not only donate more and more to these charities but we will expand to sponsor even more charities including helping to restore the planets beautiful rain forests as well as other green environmental initiatives.




We have plans to expand in the future with:

  • NextGen People – We intend to harness all of the non techie bits in this course such as mediation, mindfulness, yoga, etc and make these available as separate standalone courses. We have many ideas on how we can expand this further in future…
  • NextGen Education  – This will expand further from NextGen People, and will be integrated with the fun apps & games we will be creating for kids. We hope to eventually get this vital education into all Schools, Colleges and Universities.
  • NextGen Music Studios – Will cover a whole range of new genre setting music from relaxing/chill out to full on club anthems, of which some will of course be used in our games & apps)
  • NextGen Technology – This will be our hardware department, which will invent and build new ground breaking hardware, which will be used by our games, apps, etc.
  • NextGen Science/Labs  – This will be the final pre-panned department we will open and will be dedicated to improving the standard of living for all across the globe (rich or poor) such as finding a cure for cancer and clean renewable energy amongst many more…
  • NextGen Films – We may at some point during our journey together decide to also move into the film industry to make very entertaining blockbuster films but also teach valuable lessons that can benefit all of humanity.
  • NextGen TV – Likewise, we may also decide to move into the television industry for the greater good of all…
  • NextGen X – We may well branch out to further industries and initiatives if we feel it adds real value and helps promote and contribute a better way of life for all and the planet.


handsPlease come and join us, all are welcome, be part of the change you wish to see in the world. Get FREE training whilst you earn while you learn and help bring into reality our shared vision of our new world where there is peace over war, where we are all connected and united as one over being separated, where love is the predominate force over fear. Love conquerors fear, always.

We want to restore balance to the people across the world, we want TRUE EQUALITY for ALL, together we are stronger, together we are ONE. We want to bring TRUE abundance for ALL…


Our Vision

As one wise man once said “I have a dream…”, well we have a dream too, a dream/vision where we can all co-exist in peace and harmony not only with ourselves but also with the planet. A vision where war, fear and separation is a thing of the past. A vision where love is the predominant force on the planet.

We want to reach this vision by using technology:

  • For good rather than evil.
  • To help connect people rather than disconnect them.
  • To promote helping strangers who are also part of our beloved human race.
  • To help improve the quality of life for every soul on the planet.
  • To help restore our beloved planet back to her former beauty (not that she is not beautiful as she is).
  • To teach vital life changing skills such as mediation, mindfulness, yoga, exercise, nutrition and being with nature.
  • To give hope and light to those who previously had none.
  • To spread the message of love far and wide, to show love is the answer to everything.
  • To bring world peace once and for all.
  • To bring TRUE equality and equal opportunities for all.
  • To promote and contribute to other important world changing projects & events.
  • To help make us all better human beings, and NOT robots!
  • To make the world a better place.
  • To enable us all to live in harmony with each other, animals, plant life & the planet where all life is sacred and valued.
  • To believe in everyone including those who do not believe in themselves and for those who the world has turned their back on.
  • To bring TRUE abundance for ALL.

Together we feel this can be achieved, we want to bring as many people together working towards the same goals, for together we really can make our dreams come true…


Core Values

Our business is founded on the following values and these are how we operate and what we encourage all of our employees to follow:

  • Respect
  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Responsibility
  • Kindness
  • Forgiveness
  • Joy
  • Happiness
  • Peace
  • Wisdom
  • Team work
  • Initiative
  • Confidence
  • Love
  • Unity
  • Harmony

Communauté - Mains en l'air - Vote à main levéeThe training programme is brilliant since they can earn while they learn, they get real world commercial experience building apps/games, etc that are actually helping people and making the world a better place bit by bit. It also has meditation, mindfulness, etc build into the training and archangel_michael3they are also compulsory when you work for NextGen Software. They are also guaranteed a job at the end off it, it helps local communities by getting kids off the street, gives people a life they would never have normally had. It is all about restoring EQUALITY and BALANCE, a kind of modern day robin hood if you like, but without the robbing part! 😉

We will restore balance to the force… 😉

If you are interested in finding out more about our amazing FREE training programme where you can earn good money and help make a real difference by contributing to our global reaching projects then click the image below.

NG TrainingAlso remember to help spread the word far and wide… the more people we can get working together to help co-create this new earth together the faster we can bring it into manifestation, and the more we can then contribute to all those charities and environmental projects which will help her dearest mother Geia (our planet) too .


SLIf the website does not work for you, then try installing Silverlight by clicking the image to the right.

If you are still having problems then they can be manually downloaded using the links below:


www.nextgensoftware.co.uk/downloads/NextGen_Developers_FREE_Training_Programme.pdf www.nextgensoftware.co.uk/downloads/NextGen_Junior_Developers_FREE_Training_Programme.pdf


We now also have a opportunity of a lifetime for some lucky individual to join our core team at the ground floor of what will become one of the largest training & software development houses in the world! They will be part of the core team at the top so will be a Director of the massive global enterprise we will be building.

All they need to do is help secure funding and to promote the various projects and then they and their family will be sorted for life! Trust me! 😉

To fine out more visit www.nextgensoftware.co.uk and go to the Working For Us section, alternatively you can download the job role directly using the link below:


We will soon be rolling out a standard HTML website for those who have devices that do not support Silverlight…


stock-photo-blueprint-and-globe-illustration-design-white-background-115594519We will also be building apps, etc to connect everyone and basically have blueprints for a new Internet and online community , one built around sharing, connecting, helping, supporting and most importantly LOVE.

 We have the blueprints for the new earth, the foundations we are laying now…


This sums up what we are about…


Our websites

Click the images below to go to that site:

LOGO-Card2TheTruth –

For the Truth site (this site), we need help with the contributions from the community so would really appreciate anything anyone can contribute, thank you. We have a lot more content to add in time…



Myndwise: New TOP SECRET project and is going to be BIG like all off the other’s will be, they will all finally integrate and become ONE, it is only recently I have started putting the pieces together and realising that most of the visions/downloads/projects are actually parts of a greater whole and I am now starting to see the full picture and it is truly magical and beautiful, it is basically the foundations and building blocks of the new world, hence the slogan… 🙂


Until recently you used to be able to download crossword collections from The Times, The Sunday Times, and The Sun. For reasons unspecified the licence permitting the sale of these collections has been withdrawn.

This unique archive consisting of 400+ collections of crosswords amounting to a little under 20,000 crosswords dating from inception (1926) for The Sunday Times, (1930) for The Times and (1981) for The Sun, until the present day, runs on the best cutting-edge software in existence which even News International’s own software cannot match!

You can get an idea by looking at the screenshots in the Portfolio section of the NextGen Software website. You can also download a FREE sample crossword to get a taste of it.

Would you like renewed electronic download access to the world’s largest archive allowing a selection of any of the 400+ crossword titles from The Times, The Sunday Times & The Sun ranging from WW1 to the present day on the world’s best, most advanced and cutting edge crossword software?

If the answer is yes then please read the instructions here on what you can do to make this possible…

Please can you also vote here. Thank you.

We are also interested in hearing from any publishers (or the public) who may wish to use our cutting edge crossword engine for their own tailor-made crosswords.

More information on the software:

This was written in WPF (the same technology used for Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8 so also has the same dazzling visuals and smooth animation) and so is modern and up to date and better than any other crossword software out there. This is the brain child of David Ellams and David Akenhead, who used to be the Crossword Consultant to The Times and co-edited and proofread Crossword Books for Harper Collins and News International over many years, and the family name is famous within crossword circles. His father Edmund Akenhead invented the Jumbo Crossword Books and was also a top Crossword Editor for The Times. David Ellams is the founder of NextGen Software Ltd and is highly skilled and experienced within his field, he has been in the industry for over 10 years and has worked with all the big names.

Check out his CV on his website here: http://www.davidellams.co.uk. Also check out the web store at http://www.akomcrosswords.com that markets the crossword software with full details on the Home and About Pages.

You can also find more information and screen shots in the portfolio section on our website: http://www.nextgensoftware.co.uk

We would welcome your thoughts and comments which you are free to post on in the forums on the nextgensoftware website. Alternatively address to the Syndications Department at News International (details on site).

The more support we can get the more likely the licence can be restored, so you can once again continue enjoying the best there is to offer in the crossword world… 

All money made from the crosswords can then be used to finance the other projects listed above…

WEB_Still_Galaxy_02So to sum up:  

Autism, Kids, Training, (Re)-Education are our  main mission objectives, and then helping everyone in the world and healing Geia next. Then inventing and building new hardware and Science to bring clean torus renewable energy to the masses, cure for cancer, etc. All the money made goes back into the companies to help expand and help more people, and the rest goes to all the many charities out there including helping to replant the rainforest’s and restore Geia back to her full beautiful self, not that she isn’t both beautiful inside and out now… 🙂

healingSessionLargeIn future once we have laid the paths for others to follow, I will focus more on my other gifts such as healing and travel teaching, helping, healing and guiding all I can. I will also be writing books and creating music to continue to spread the messages of LOVE I was given the honour of delivering at this time, as was with the rest of our dear brothers and sisters of the light.

We want to restore balance to the people across the world, we want TRUE EQUALITY for ALL, together we are stronger, together we are ONE.


images (2)This is only just the beginning, there are many more sites and exciting projects we will be revealing soon… so watch this space…

We leave you now, and hope to connect with everyone to work and co-create our new earth together as ONE with LOVE.


Stay connected to each other and your hearts, we are with you ALL always, we LOVE YOU ALL more than words can say, we are YOU and you are US, for we are ONE.

It is OUR time NOW, the time is NOW.

Much love & angelic blessings to you all and your famalies,

The Messenger.


normal_Children_Of_PeaceP.S You do not have to believe any of this if you do not wish to, but you should know I only speak the TRUTH as should be apparent by this site. If you do not believe yet, then trust me, you soon will do… 😉

All will be revealed very soon…

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