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images (3)You can contact us at the following email address:

Or by using the contact form below:





We would love to hear from you with your feedback and any way we can improve the blog as well as any content you want more off or perhaps something new we have not covered yet?



We also are happy to do requests since we have a massive backlog since as we said, nearly every song, film, TV show, etc has hidden meanings behind them and it will take a very long time as I am sure you would appreciate to cover them all… Requests can be songs, TV Shows, etc, we look forward to hearing from you…


images (1)Contributors

If you feel you could contribute to this blog we would love to hear from you.

Email us using the email address or contact form above with whatever you wish to contribute.I will then check these are correct, and if so they will be uploaded and you will then be credited for them.

You will also get a BIG THANK YOU from me and receive much love & blessings from me! ;-)


images (5)Alternatively, become a dedicated permanent writer for the blog, where we will set you up an account allowing you to create your own posts (which of course will be moderated before being published! 😉 )

This is an opportunity of a lifetime to get out there and get known, which could lead to your own following and books you can later write and publish (I already have tons of books I wish to write in future when I get the time to do so…)


We currently have two writers, my new recruit “The Oracle” will soon be adding their contributions and will dive deeper into the meaning of life and show how Maths and Numerology make up all of our reality and can be used to reveal many hidden truths in all that is and in the events unfolding around the world…

Much love & peace,

The Messenger.

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