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So it turns out the signs I had very correct as always. But I just missed my ascension window but I’m told I will get another so I will still be flying by my birthday on April 11th as planned… … Continue reading

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April 2019 Transits, Here it Comes!

One of the MANY signs I knew the Event would occur today… 😉😁😎❤🙏 Much love & blessings, The Messenger xxxxxx

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More confirmation Ascension/rapture/solar flash occurs Tom on 27th March Bali time Part 7

Can you not here the buzzing? The intense energy is hitting already! 😉 I can hear and feel it… ITS HAPPENING PEOPLE! 😉😁😎❤🙏 GET READY… HAD MORE SIGNS TOO… 😉 Much love & blessings, The Messenger xxxxxx

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We are Being Prepared for The Great Solar Flash of March 2019

As I said Ascension occurs at the end of March starting from around March 20th on March equinox… 😉😁😎❤🙏 Also known as Judgement Day and the rapture… 😉😁😎❤🙏 Bible prophecy has now been fulfilled… Kalki Avatar returns now… The end … Continue reading

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The Event, Massive Ascension Energy Burst Hits Earth!

This is why everyone may have been experiencing a lot of old repressed emotions and traumas being brought to the surface to be cleared once and for all! We need to make more room to allow more love & light … Continue reading

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