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Brexit: UK asks EU for further extension until 30 June

Surprise surprise…. i knew they would do this… just keep extending forever to keep us locked into the tyranny that is the EU. When are people going to WAKE UP and stand up snd say enough is enough! We want … Continue reading

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Brexit march: Million joined Brexit protest, organisers say

Please STOP supporting the dark ones by trying to stay in the dark tyrannical EU disguised as unity. It is phase one of the NWO. PLEASE WAKE UP AND DO YOUR RESEARCH! Do not betray our democratic vote by asking … Continue reading

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Brexit: Theresa May to return to Brussels for further talks

Do you notice how the EU repeatedly will not judge or be reasonable about the backstop? And why Mrs May keeps running the clock down wasting time? This is because they are both working together to illegally keep the UK … Continue reading

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Brexit: May warns business leaders not to fuel division

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-38669531 WOW, its getting more and more blatent about the TRUTH even in the BBC. Well done May for saying what needed to be said… BUT if people knew the FULL Truth of what the elites have been spending their … Continue reading

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