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The TRUTH About The Saying “Mind Of Matter”

It is true, our thoughts are more powerful than we can imagine since our thoughts create our reality so this old saying is literally true, we can change matter with our minds and thoughts. This has now been proved with … Continue reading

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The TRUTH About the British Royal Arms Crest

  I’m just going to come out and say it, the Unicorn is YOU! You are the chained Unicorne, you are the magical infinite being chained up keeping you a slave to the system! The Lion type creature represents the … Continue reading

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Fringe Season 5: Episode 2

32:14 – “Natural human instinct to live as long as possible, that’s how they turn us into slaves. He is a liar, that’s what their trained to do.  He saw in your eyes that you could be manipulated. ” We … Continue reading

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