Fringe Season 5: Episode 1

For starters, what does the intro say?

Community, JOY, Individuality, Education, IMAGINATION, private thought, due process, ownership, FREE WILL, FREEDOM!!! Hmmmm, any of these seem familiar? 😉

radiationObservers pumping monoxide into the atmosphere to make it more habitable for them. This relates to the number of nuclear reactors are being built to make our atmosphere more and more radioactive since they all leak a little, I don’t want to alarm anyone since as I have said before all is in hand so you have nothing to worry about, but you ought to at least know the TRUTH to what is really going on. There is tons more I can say in time. This is in fact making it more habitable for our Lizzie friends, at least that was the original plan anyway.

Read more on this in the excellent The Pleiadian Agenda: A New Cosmology for the Age of Light book.

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The prison is what was originally intended for all of us as you can tell by this website: I also recommend you have a look at to find out what is really going on out there.

Claiming to make the future safe, yeah safe for them, not us.

W3 AR3 T3H BORG. W3 PWNZ J00.“Resistance is futile” says an observer – where have we heard that before? Hmmm, yes the Borg, oh by the way the Lizzie’s have “Cubes” just like the Borg. So basically cross Shadows, Orie and the Borg and you have the Lizzie’s. But nowhere near assssssss hard, the light is much stronger! There has been a huge galactic war for thousands if not millions of years,  and the Lizzie’s have been near enough defeated now, all that’s left is to free ourselves on earth. They are encoded in their DNA to destroy anything so forgive them and do not judge them, for they are only playing their role since you cannot have evolution or light without dark since dark is lack of light. And remember light is information hence why we have been kept in the dark about the TRUTH which is now coming out everywhere, it is all over the Internet and youtube and is still spreading and now even appearing in mean stream media.


21:04 – Music helps you see things “differently”, vibrations, rhythm, harmonics.


Since life is made up of vibrations, rhythm, harmonics. See the laws of the Universe below:

images (2)Music also calms the mind and brings us into the present moment so music is highly recommended. Also dancing and playing music as well as listening to it, or should I say FEEL it, remember to always FEEL rather than think or listen.

See The TRUTH Is In Music section for more detail…

The more you can live in the present, the happier and more at peace you will be. Why worry about a past you cannot change or a future that has not happened yet? The only true time is the ever expanding present moment NOW. The time is NOW, future and past are an illusion.

now1If you asked a tree or animal what time it was, what would they say? The time is NOW, it is the only moment it can ever be. As we move deeper and deeper into the new age of light, the NOW moment will expand more and more until that is all there is, the way we use to perceive time is rapidly fading. No More stress and unrealistic deadlines or pressure, since all there ever is is the NOW moment, so you have ALL the time in the world! 😉

I highly recommend this books:



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